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Things to do

There are endless ways to enjoy Izu Shimoda, which is rich in nature!

We will guide you to marine sports, private cruising, tourist attractions, etc. according to your wishes.
Please feel free to use it.

List of how to spend

There are footbaths and hand baths all over the city in Shimoda.
There are plenty of hot springs for day trips, and we will introduce shops that procure ingredients, delicious shops in Shimoda, recommended spots unique to the local area that are not in the guidebook, souvenirs, etc.
Also, please feel free to contact us for information on various activities.
  • Private cruising

    As a recommended activity, you can enjoy cruising the sea of Shimoda.
    You can also fish from the boat.
    • Private cruising

      Even if you make a reservation, if it is judged that it is difficult to secure safety due to bad weather etc.,
      Please understand that the departure may be canceled.
      Please wear a life jacket when boarding the ship.

      4 people/ /32,000 yen((Separate consumption tax)
      +5,000 yen for each additional person((Up to 6 people)
      【Time required】
      2 hours
      *We are currently refraining from private cruising as a measure against Corona.
  • Marine Sports

    Take a walk in the beautiful sea with SUP or kayak.
    You can also experience jet skiing.
  • Swimming in the Ocean

    A sandy beach that can be reached on foot from our facility, a little-known beach, a quiet beach with shallow water,
    We will introduce you to the beach that suits you, playing on the beach.
    Along the road of this facility, there is a shallow beach where even children can safely play on the rocky shore.
    • Shirahama Ohama Swimming Beach

      It is a vast and beautiful white sand beach that shows the bustle of Izu.
      There is a convenience store in the vicinity, which is convenient.
      【From our facility】
      20 minutes on foot / 5 minutes by car
    • Shirahama Chuo Swimming Beach

      It is a quiet beach that has been selected as one of the "100 Best Comfortable Beaches".
      The closest beach to the property.
      【From our facility】
      10 minutes on foot / 3 minutes by car
    • Sotoura Swimming Beach

      It is a quiet beach with shallow water that is popular with families.
      Many people enjoy SUP and kayaking.
      【From our facility】
      10-minute drive
    • Ryugu Island

      There is a small island called "Ryugu Island Island" where you can enjoy snorkeling and snorkeling with calm waves.
      It is a little-known place with few people.

      【From our facility】
      3 minutes on foot
  • About Shimoda

    Miracles of the romance at the end of the Edo period, such as the arrival of Perry Perry Expedition, the stay at the lotus hot springs of Yoshida Shoin, and the direct interview with the United States, can still be found in various parts of the city.
    In 1854, Shimoda, which became Japan's first port opened by the Japan and US Treaty of Peace and Amity of Kanagawa, holds the Black Ship Festival on the third weekend of May every year to commemorate the arrival of Perry, and is crowded with locals and tourists.
    The climate of Shimoda is warm, and the annual sunshine hours in Irozaki are about 2,400 hours, which is much higher than the one in Tokyo, which is about 1,800 hours. Overwinter.
    The sea is highly transparent and is famous as a mecca for marine sports such as cruising, surfing, fishing, diving and kayaking.
    • Tsumekizaki

      A cape located on the east side of Shimoda Port.
      There is also an imperial villa, and the entire cape is a natural park and is famous as a colony of 3 million daffodils.
      Suisen Festival is held every year from late December to the end of January.
      There is also a 2.8km hiking course called the Suzaki Walking Trail, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Seven Islands of Izu Shichito Islands from the coast.

      Suzaki, Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture
    • Ryugu Sea Cave

      A power spot created by nature.
      The beach, which looks like a heart, has attracted a lot of attention and is now a famous tourist spot that represents Izu Shimoda.

      696-1 Toji, Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture
    • Shimoda Park

      Shimoda Shimoda Park overlooking Urban areas of Shimoda and Shimoda Port.
      Ajisai Festival will be held from June 1st to 30th.
      The beautifully blooming 3 million hydrangeas and the colorful hydrangeas that fill the vast grounds bring a moment of silence.
    • Kawazu Zakura Festival

      Kawazu Cherry Blossom cherry blossoms are dark pink early-blooming cherry blossoms that begin to bloom in late January.
      The flowering is in full bloom in about a month, and it is a feature that you can enjoy it for a relatively long period of time.
      It is crowded with many tourists seeking the arrival of early spring.
      It is also lit up at night, so you can enjoy a fantastic view.
      We will pick you up at the venue of Kawazu Cherry Blossom and Minami Sakura Venue!

      Kawazu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture
      From February 1st to February 28th