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Enjoy the delicious ingredients of Izu!

Shimoda has abundant seafood (splendid alfonsino / spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster / red squid / turban shell / abalone, etc.).
Passionate Izu Beef steak, where you can buy your favorite ingredients and enjoy BBQ, or prepare at the facility
You can enjoy an elegant BBQ with carefully selected ingredients.
A sushi chef from Shimoda travels to our facility for abundant local fish that can only be tasted in Shimoda.
It is a fascinating and luxurious time to hold sushi.

List of dishes

Private BBQ on each terrace is available at any time.
Relax on the terrace for a homemade breakfast.
In addition to BBQ, you can also prepare a fisherman's lunch box at a nearby restaurant for dinner.
Besides BBQ, I still want sashimi! I want a snack hors d'oeuvre! Occasionally, luxury sushi catering is also attractive.
For delicious meals, we also offer passionate additive-free wines.
Depending on the time, you may be able to drink draft beer.
Please contact us so that we can answer your request as much as possible.

  • BBQ

    We offer Izu Izu Beef steak meat, seafood, etc. that lived in a land blessed with the clear air and high quality water of Izu for customers who wish.
    *Ingredients vary depending on the season and weather.Please contact us for details.

    【Usage fee】
    When using, fuel charge is 1,100 yen per person / day
    Until 21:00

    *When using only the outdoor BBQ space
    【Facility usage fee】
    1 booth:8,000 JPY((Up to 4 people)
    1,500 yen per additional person for 5 or more((Up to 8 people)
    【Fuel charge】
    1 booth 3,000 yen((Because it uses a gas stove that can adjust the fire)
    【Open Hours】
    3 hours
    • BBQ set

      Izu Beef BBQ set

      Izu Beef steak meat/ /Ribs meat/ /Spareribs/ /Sausage with bone/ /Scallops and seafood from From Izu((Sazae etc.)/ /vegetable((Zucchini, corn, onions, paprika, etc.)/ /rice ball


      Must be offered at the time of booking.We accept reservations for 2 people or more.
      1 serving/ /About 6,600 yen (tax included) ~
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast will be served to those who wish.
    Japanese food is also available.
    1 person/ /770 yen((Tax included)
    • Breakfast

      Western Food

      Hot sandwich/ /soup/ /salad/ /Yogurt((It changes depending on the season)

      Japanese Food

      Rice / miso soup / dried horse mackerel, etc.
  • Bento

    If you wish, we will prepare a lunch box from a partner restaurant.
    Reservations are required until the day before check-in.
    From 2,750 yen (tax included)
  • Sushi catering

    It is a catering of craftsman sushi of the long-established store "Mimatsu Sushi" in Shimoda.
    Please make a reservation as soon as possible when you make a reservation.

    From 8,000 yen per person / from 2 people
    *Please contact us for the detailed amount.
    【course details】
    Knob/ /1 dish, etc. 3-4 dishes/ /Sushi 10 to 12 cans/ /Scroll/ /Soup
  • Wine

    We also offer antioxidant-free wines for BBQ and meals.
    Please feel free to contact us.
    White / red:From 2,200 yen (tax included)
  • Sashimi

    From 2 people
    *Reservation required by the day before
    2.500 yen (tax included) ~